Planning for Retirement

Planning for your retirement can be hard to predict.

What Really Matters

The future holds the key.

Planning for the future is responsible.

The most important thing is to define our goals


Protecting Your Assets

Digital security can not be too high.

 We have reduced expenses over 500% .

We have maintained base. We have weathered the 2008 downturn with

    several tools of corpus protection which served the corpus well.

  We have an expected 18 to 24 month transfer of asset time frame, upon dissolution.

I am proud to be of assistance to the financial futures of our family. and will choose

the path that appears the best for everyone, other than myself. Sacrifice in service can sometimes go too far. I am not interested in any harm to myself or others well being.

Relevant Reading

I'm dedicated to this effort, to honor the responsibility named to me by 

David Baird IV.

dbiv trust

Wealth Managers:

We have a team.

And they have different opinions. If there are no differences of opinion, then there is a strict dictatorship. So the opinions of yours, and theirs all help generate the best plan.

About Us

Can You send your input?

Everyone's voice matters. This comment request is especially for the

"Legacy Family ".

Planning for College

Financial futures of our children and grandchildren.....